Pandora Opens Today at DisneyWorld

The world of Pandora from James Cameron’s visually-stunning film from 2009, “Avatar”, opens to the public today at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom.

The staff of Frank’s Geekery were treated to a sneak preview of this new themed land last week, and it blew our socks off. While it’s a small area, they’ve packed in the best dark ride in all of Disney, the best flight simulation ride, and the most detailed theming they’ve ever done. You will really feel as though you’re on an alien moon, where even the laws of physics are different – they’ve replicated the floating mountains seen in the film, and they look real. It’s just a stunningly beautiful place.

It’s also a place where you can geek out hard – in addition to sparking the imagination on what human colonization of a habitable alien moon might look like, there’s a detailed replica of Sigourney Weaver’s science lab in the queue for “Flight of Passage” that features some magical little science experiments you can talk about.

I expect Pandora is also going to be a very crowded place for a very long time, as the public floods in for the first time today. If you’re planning a family vacation to Orlando in the next few months, get your FastPass reservations now.

I created a vlog on our walkthrough below – take a good look at those empty lines, because you’ll never see them again!

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