The Geekery is Winding Down.

Frank’s Geekery is coming to an end, at least on social media.

If you want to continue following the latest science news, check out our other venture, No-Hate News – its science page contains many of the same feeds that we used for posting on the Geekery. And, it’s a way to stay in touch with the world while filtering out the troubling content that we’re trying to avoid on social media.

Why? Well, there are several reasons:

  • Social media has become a pretty toxic place. Scouring the Internet for news of uplifting scientific progress comes at the price of encountering lots of science-deniers, conspiracy theorists, and trolls polluting the comments. It’s just depressing, and we don’t need that in our lives. Facebook and Twitter have become vehicles for hate, ignorance, and tribalism – and we’re better off without them.
  • Facebook itself has repeatedly demonstrated a complete disdain for individual privacy, even with our private messages. I’m tired of being sold to the highest bidder, in exchange for an experience that is no longer a positive one.
  • The reach of The Geekery is also hindered by Facebook; unless we pay to promote our posts, they reach a very limited audience. Even followers are unlikely to actually see most of what we share. Take a look at the feed below – I bet you saw hardly any of it on Facebook!

I’m actually planning to leave social media entirely as soon as I can move my businesses off it, and that work is well underway. You should question if social media is a good use of your time, too.

Promoting science literacy is a still a cause near and dear to our hearts, and we’re not giving up just yet. But our focus may shift to local outreach, and supporting larger efforts that already have traction.

Meanwhile, stay curious!

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